Sunday, May 1, 2011

Update in Pictures

Ashley and I finally got around to getting a little in-ground stone for where we buried Elliott.  Up until this point we were just putting flowers there and as they died we continued to put fresh ones on top.  I found this stone online and just loved it.  It is flush with the ground and doesn't make a huge statement in our yard, but if you are looking for it you will see it and it just helps give some closure to everything.  Also, we planted a tree in memory of Elliott last year and it is blooming!  I was so afraid it would die, but it is looking pretty good so far and that makes me very happy.  Below are some pictures of both of these things:

The daffodils my mom brought from her house over Easter and put them here.

And here is another photo of me today at 37 weeks.  I realize I wore this shirt the last time I took a picture...oops!  But then again, I am running out of options that fit me now-a-days.


  1. You look great Stephanie! I bet you can't wait to meet the little guy!

  2. Thanks Brooke! We can't wait to meet him either. The time is near!!