Thursday, January 13, 2011

My "Bro-Son"

Sean's mom, my mother-in-law, had one goal going into her surgery last year, to be cancer free so she could see Sean graduate.  It breaks my heart that her wish never came true, so Ashley and I are determined to be there to support Sean and cheer him on for all the great accomplishments he has had in his 18 years of life.  However, this May is going to bring about a lot more than just Sean's graduation.  My baby is due 5 days before Sean's graduation.  I'm not quite sure how Ashley and I will work out celebrating both the birth of our baby and the graduation of our "bro-son".  I know that Sean has other family that will support him if Ashley and I can't be there, but I am determined to at least stand in the back with a 2 day old baby if it all possible.  Even though Sean will only have lived with us for a year at that point, my proud mothering tendencies will come out in me and I want to be there for a very momentous occasion in his life.

Sean started his senior year at Marian High School when he moved in with us and is doing quite well.  After his first semester at a private school he has over a 4.0 while succeeding in football and making new friends.  I am very proud of him and excited that he will continue his education at Bethel, my alma mater.  I can't wait to watch him graduate and also throw him a graduation party.  I'm just hoping that my baby decides to come a little early or a little late so I can be there to celebrate Sean's special day.  

Below are some of Sean's senior pictures.  We had a very gifted girl from our church take these and I love them!


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