Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The loss of another baby

It is with a heavy heart that I post again this morning about another friend of mine who has lost her baby.  He was full-term and no complications were noticed during pregnancy or childbirth.  However, it appears that afterwards he sustained severe brain damage from lack of oxygen during the delivery.  After a week of being in the NICU, his parents have decided to let him go home to be with the Lord.  I can't grasp the pain they are experiencing right now.  Why wouldn't God heal this little boy?  Many people are asking this right now, and so am I.  But after some prayer this morning it was laid on my heart that maybe his short amount of time on this earth will be used for a greater purpose than any of us can imagine.  His parents plan to donate his organs, and in return bless many families who may have thought their child would die too.  Maybe hearing his story will bring others to rely on the Lord and in some time we will all look back and see God's hand in this terrible situation.

I really am at a loss for words as I witness the pain and sorrow both of my friends are experiencing right now.  Our God is present even though we can't see the bigger picture right now.  As I held Jude this morning I couldn't help but be moved to tears out of thankfulness for his blessing in my life.  I also question why I have been blessed with him when I am so undeserving.  My friends both have such amazing hearts and loving spirits that I can't help but think they would be better mom's than I.  I pray that someday the desires of my friend's hearts are granted, just as mine was with becoming a mother to Jude.

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