Sunday, March 27, 2011

Life is Precious

Today I was reminded of how precious life is.  4 teenage boys from my high school were killed in a car accident yesterday and I can't help but think how I would cope losing my son who was about ready to graduate from high school and had his whole future ahead of him.  It reminds me to not take for granted this little baby growing inside me and to love him every day because we aren't guaranteed tomorrow.  It is easy to get caught up in life and my mentality is usually very task oriented, so much so, that I don't want to forget to cherish Jude's first smile, or his wet kisses, or him waking me up throughout the night.  My heart breaks for the families of these boys, as I am sure many people's do.  I wish I could take some of the hurt and anger away from them, but I know our Lord Jesus Christ is the only one who can do this and my prayer is that somehow they can find comfort in Him.

And just as the title of my blog is "in joy and pain", the stark contrast of emotions happened today.  As my heart broke for the families from Angola because I know they were experiencing some of the worst pain in their life today, I again had the joy of celebrating the upcoming birth of baby Jude.  My church family poured out their love through showering us with many gifts today.  It was overwhelming.  I am thankful for a loving group of people who care so much for Ashley and I.  I honestly would have been happy just to have cupcakes and talk to people, but to be given so many gifts I just feel overwhelmed with gratitude.  Ashley and I honestly don't know where to put half the stuff (partly because we don't have our furniture yet), but also just because people gave us so much.  The great part of having such a loving church family isn't because of all the material things we received, but is the fact that I know Jude will be loved and supported and taken care of by a large group of fellow Christians and that I have a wonderful support system surrounding Ashley and I.

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