Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tears of Joy

Exactly one year ago today I had my first ultrasound with Elliott.  I was 6 weeks along and we saw his little heartbeat and the doctor said everything looked great.  Unfortunately, as I described in my earlier posts, Elliott only lived a few short weeks longer.  But to this day I am still grateful for that brief moment where I saw God's wonderful creation living in my womb.  Today I went for another ultrasound and there it was again, a steady lub dub of our little baby's heart, but this time 10 weeks further along.  As I laid there with cold gel on my stomach a tear slid down my cheek out of pure relief and joy.  I was reminded as I cried tears of joy seeing my baby, how much more God sheds tears of joy seeing his children.  I often forget that I am a child of God and he loves me more than I could ever love my child.

Due to a uterine abnormality the doctor is watching me closely for preterm labor, so this is the third ultrasound I have had so far this pregnancy.  Honestly, the thought of preterm labor scares me, but I wouldn't get rid of my uterine abnormality for the life of me because due to this condition I have been able to glimpse into my baby's world three times in 16 weeks.  If something happens now, as it did with Elliott, I will at least have these memories of seeing my baby.  While the technician took measurements, I just kept staring at the screen and thanking God that our baby was alive.  We saw the baby kicking its feet and trying to suck its thumb and at that moment I finally fully gave my fears up to God (and took a deep breath).  He is in control.

So there is one more big announcement to this entire ultrasound adventure.  Please see below.

Again as you can see God was faithful in bringing Sean into my life to prepare me in parenting a boy!  Growing up with two sisters I never really understood boys, but in 16 years when this little guy is a teenager I will feel like a pro (maybe).


  1. Congrats on a boy!

    The clothes aren't as a cute, but the babies sure are :)

  2. You will be an amazing momma to a baby boy. Congrats