Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A "Normal" Schedule

Just a quick update on my life:  I am moving to day shift at the hospital!  It was a tough decision, but I am so ready to sleep normally.  When I applied for the job and got it I cried because I am going to miss all my wonderful co-workers on night shift, but as I was driving to work that evening (after not getting much sleep), I felt a huge weight off my shoulders knowing I wouldn't have to work nights much longer.  My patience with Jude is tested every time I work several nights in a row because I am so tired and I'm looking forward to functioning on a normal schedule now.  There are a few drawbacks to day shift.  The main one being that I will be working every 3rd Sunday for 12 hours.  With the beginning of our church plant and knowing how important it is for Ashley and I, this will be hard, but we will manage.  Also, I will be away from Jude for 12 hours while he is awake.  To be honest, I dread this, but I'm hoping my days off will be much more fulfilling for both of us since I won't be so tired.  So I should begin day shift in the next month or so and I'm looking forward to it!

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