Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rolling and Running...

Jude is approaching 5 months here in the next week.  I can't believe it!  He is changing and growing every day and I love playing with him because he is so interactive.  He started rolling over a week after he turned 4 months old and he loves it.  We had to quit swaddling him at night because we were finding him on his stomach with his arms tied down to his sides.  We figured this wasn't the safest thing!  He was an excellent sleeper at night, now I would say he is just a good sleeper.  We took a few setbacks when we stopped swaddling him, but he is doing better now.  The only issue is that I feel like when I'm working his schedule gets all screwed up and then it takes a few days to get it back to normal and then I go back to work.  Oh well, such is life I guess.  Jude also sat up for about 30 seconds by himself the other day.  More times than not he is still a little top heavy and he tips over, but he is getting so close to doing it by himself all the time.

Jude and I have also been loving this summer-like weather too.  Now that he is big enough we have been using the jogging stroller and running at the Riverwalk.  I LOVE it and Jude doesn't seem to mind too much either.  It is a little more work to push a stroller when running, but I like to have a distraction and someone to run with and its a better workout to push something!

Below is a favorite picture of mine from a recent fun in the backyard moment:

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