Saturday, February 5, 2011

Moving Right Along

Well, I am 25 weeks.  Time sure is going by quickly.  It was so nice to hit the 24 week mark because that is when the doctors will do everything they can to save our baby if I were to go into preterm labor.  I go for another appointment on Monday and even though I can feel my little guy move, I always like the reassurance of hearing his heartbeat.  I was actually supposed to go last Wednesday for my appointment, but they cancelled it because of the snow.

Ashley started painting the nursery today.  It looks great and I love how motivated he is to paint for me.  We still have no furniture, but my mom did finish the curtains and bed skirt, so we are getting somewhere!  I also made my first clothing purchase today for our little guy.  It is the cutest little pair of swim trunks and shirt.  Since my family has a lake cottage we figured we would be up there quite a bit this summer and I just couldn't resist a good sale when buying his first outfit.

Our little guy also has a name now...nope I'm not going to share it on here quite yet.  Sorry!  We do plan on telling people before we have him, but we are just making sure we don't want to change our mind.  Ashley and I have fun referring to him by his name when no one is around, but family will know first and then after we share it personally I promise I will put it on here.

Here is a picture of me at 25 weeks for those who care.

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  1. You look beautiful! So exciting that Ashley is painting the baby room! I have no idea when Ben and I will start getting the room together for our boy, my mom is coming into town the end of February so it will probably be right after that.